" Never change a classic, Just refine it "

A classic fashion serves as a standard of excellence, a recognized value of enduring design year after year. Austere by Tri Handoko lives by the root of classic, characterized by its DNA of tailored lines that androgynously clean, sleek, and modern.

Its newest collection of Spring/Summer 2017 "REC-TI-TUDE", meaning both right and straight.  'Rightness of a character, 'straightness' of lines. It EVOKES a straight forward sharp design to stand out for the right reasons. FORMED by a structured tailoring in light and medium weight material selections (cotton, linen,semi wool,and knitting) with some classic cut and silhouettes. HAS its key pieces of shirt -tuxedos, constructed blazer, and shirt-ties; under SCHEMES of stone grey,white,black, and light blue color.